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Episode Twenty: Seasons Change

Episode Twenty: Seasons Change

In the final episode of season 1 I go over where I’ve been, where I’m going and what’s coming in season 2!

With Season 2 around the corner, I need your help! I need the following:

  • Family history stories. Maybe there is someone in your family you’d love to introduce us to and talk about. Let’s hear it! Tell us about those famous, infamous relatives or the ones that had an impact on you by learning about them.
  • DNA stories! If your DNA test revealed a surprise and you’d like to share that. I’d love to have you on the show. If DNA helped you find lost loved ones, or other family I’d love to have you on the show as well.
  • Adoption stories. These are special to me. If you were adopted and you’d like to share your story of what it was like to grow up adopted, or to find out that you were adopted and your search for your biological family. I want to have you on the show! If you gave up a child for adoption, I want to share that as well. I would love to share your story to help others and maybe even help those who are still looking for their biological families to find them.
  • Stories about food and family history.
  • Stories about the holidays and how you and your family celebrate them. Do you have some traditions passed down from generation to generation?

If you would have any of those and would like to be on the show we can do it a couple of ways. You can go to the website www.timewilltellpc.com and go to the Contact Me page and send an email that way. You can click the link below to do a “call in” to the show. You can do that from your PC or your phone. Just make sure to give it access to your microphone. Or you can reach out to me on social media. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/timewilltell/message

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