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Episode Nineteen: Marsha’s Beginning

Episode Nineteen: Marsha’s Beginning

In today’s episode Marsha talks to us about how she got into family history and why its important to her now. She like many other young people had the idea that genealogy was something old people do. It’s so important that we take the time we have when we are younger to ask our older relatives about their stories, any family stories, legends, or rumors even. Sometimes there is a little truth in a rumor that can lead you to breaking a brick wall.

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I’d love to share your family history, adoption or DNA stories and right now I’m looking for stories about food and family history! How do the two go together? Things your family may have eaten that could have been passed down for generations? Food ties us all together, we use it in so many ways to gather, I want to hear about your experiences. Reach out to me through the ways listed above or leave a voice message at the link below.

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