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Episode Eighteen: Ethnicity Estimates

Episode Eighteen: Ethnicity Estimates

In this episode we discuss ethnicity estimates! I know a lot of you are interested in this, due to the popularity of the DNA tests. This past week Ancestry DNA put out their updated ethnicity results and I share my old and new results from them as well as MyHeritage and FTDNA (family tree DNA). We talk about the differences, why they are different and what exactly does an ethnicity estimate mean?


Also, I put out a call for you to use your voice message feature to leave your short spooky family history story!! The link is below and as I stated in the episode it will be large, you can’t miss it! If you have trouble with it don’t hesitate to ask me about it on social media. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

I’m also looking for your family history, DNA and adoption stories as always, but don’t forget about the holiday stories! I LOVE the holidays and I am excited to talk with you about your memories of holidays gone by or any story you have of how they were celebrated in your family through the years. Also, don’t forget we need those food and family history stories!!


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Bonus Content

Here is my old ethnicity estimate and my new one!

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