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Episode Seventeen: The Start of a Journey

Episode Seventeen: The Start of a Journey

Every journey has to begin somewhere. In this episode Mitchell shares the beginning of his journey. I hope that other young people will get interested in their family histories as well. Start the journey with your grandparents, as Mitchell has done.  We had already recorded this episode once and there were issues with the recording so we had to record it again. Everything happens for a reason, and Mitchell had more information to share!

I hope that Mitchell’s journey shows you that even if someone in your family has done your family tree, there is always work that you can do as well. It never hurts to double check facts and more than that, get to know your ancestors for yourself. Learn their stories so you can see how their lives have impacted yours today. There is always something fun and exciting to find even when it seems the “work is done”.

I hope you enjoy the episode and remember if you’d like to be on the show contact me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and we can work out the details!

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