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Episode Fourteen: Cotton Fields

Episode Fourteen: Cotton Fields

In today’s episodes I tell the story of one of the South’s most graceful, humble and forgiving Grandmothers. Some people might say they are biased because it’s their own Grandma, but it’s true.

I hope you’ll enjoy this oral history full of facts and my memories of one of the strongest and sweetest women to ever walk to earth.


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As I state in this episode of the podcast, my Grandmother was a very special woman. There are so many stories about her I could share and in the future I may share more, but for now these are the ones I  decided to share. Her life was not easy, yet she handled herself with such grace and humility that you would have never guessed what all she had gone through. I hope you enjoy this episode and I would love to share stories of your loved ones that you would like to share. Their stories need to be heard. 

As I promised here are some pictures of my Grandmother.


This is the picture my best friend David Peguero painted in honor of my grandmother

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