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Episode Eleven: Where’s Henry?

Today we have a shorter episode. We ran into issues with recording with two of our guests, but I had a listener submitted story that came through and saved the day!

John tells us about trying to find his Great Aunt’s husband Henry Hillman. It’s quite a mystery. Maybe you can offer some suggestions on where to look to help find him. Give the episode and listen and if you have any ideas, please send me a voice message here at the show by clicking the link below that says anchor.fm/message or emailing me at jasonhall7594@gmail.com.  You can also email me or leave me a voice message if you’d like to be on the show and share your story.

I am trying to purchase new equipment to upgrade the podcast and hopefully stop any future issues with recording episodes. If you would like to donate you can support the show on Anchor.fm/timewilltell by clicking the support button and choosing which amount you’d like to give monthly. Or you can go to our website timewilltellpc.com and donate through paypal at the bottom of the screen, this would be a one time donation. Thank you so much for all of your support.

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