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Episode Ten: Episode Ten: The Gene Hunter

Episode Ten: Episode Ten: The Gene Hunter

It was a pleasure having Shera LaPoint on the show with me. She is using DNA to literally change lives. As I stated in the previous episode about my DNA story, she is the one who helped me to find my biological dad and his family.

If you’d like to visit Shera’s website you can go to: https://thegenehunter.com/

You can find her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/thegenehunterllc

If you would like to make your DNA available to law enforcement you can do that on these three websites.

GedMatch  Here, all you have to do is download your raw DNA from whichever site you tested from and upload it here. You will have to opt in to share it with law enforcement. There are also many tools over there to find DNA matches and check out your ethnicity breakdown.

FamilyTreeDNA  Here is the same as the previous one. You can upload your raw DNA file and opt in to make it available to law enforcement. You can also browse your DNA matches.

The last one is DNA Solves and here upload your raw DNA and its built specifically for law enforcement. It also has an ethnicity estimate.

If you would like to be on the show you can connect with me on social media or email me at jasonhall7594@gmail.com

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