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Episode Four: DNA: The Great Revealer

Episode Four: DNA: The Great Revealer

In this episode we talk about DNA testing or ancestry and some of the most popular ones you can take. I also break down how your results will look on ancestry.com if you choose to test with AncestryDNA. This is the beginning of the magical journey through our family histories and I look forward to sharing your stories as well. Please reach out to me in email if you have questions or would like to talk about being featured on the show. You can do that at jasonhall7594@gmail.com and you can also find me on most social media under the handle @timewilltellpc If you’d rather send a voice message to the show you should see a link here in the show notes to do that, if not you can copy and past this into your browswer anchor.fm/timewilltell/message and from there you can leave me a voice message from your PC or your phone.

I do look forward to sharing YOUR stories! Let’s have fun!

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